Marian Gaucher - Fine Art
Interest, Beauty and Emotion in Oil and Pastel

What People Are Saying About Marian's Art

ARTisSpectrum May 2016 Profile:


"Was most impressed by the strong colours (which I love) and bold strokes.”

“You must be proud - your pieces are beautiful, captivating. I love your use of colour and design. Lovely.”

“Your paintings are so intricate and beautiful. They reflect all your investment in learning and doing. I love that they are unique!”

“I am impressed with the quality of the prints and with the impeccable work you did.”

“I love the dancers and the way you used geometrics to keep my eyes on your's very enticing...just like the dance.  I love the nuance attained by the variety of”

“The colours are cheerful and harmonious, and good company. And I liked the way the colour patches were shaded so as to appear three-dimensional. Great job.”