Marian Gaucher - Fine Art
Interest, Beauty and Emotion in Oil and Pastel

About the Artist

Recently Represented in New York City by Agora Gallery

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Agora Gallery Press Release - October 19, 2015:  press release

Canadian Artist, Marian Gaucher, enjoys rich, vivid colours and delving into creating elements of interest, beauty and emotion in her paintings.  Her fascination with the art and techniques of the cubists, impressionists and old masters is reflected in her oil and pastel works. 

With more than fifteen years of part-time training and creating art, Marian has applied to the canvas and paper her learning and observations in abstract, impressionistic and realism styles.  Oil and pastel are her selected mediums as she enjoys texture and rich vivid colours. Her subjects encompass still life, city life, natural settings, portraiture, and figures.

Informed by cubism and nuanced with geometric enigmatic form and descriptive colour, her abstract paintings are a feast for the eyes. Marian has accomplished stylistic expression, creating abstract paintings known for their uniqueness, very appealing subjects, vivid and enchanting colours and bold strokes.

Most of Marian’s impressionistic works are explored in natural settings.  Many of these works have been painted en plein air, which has added to her enjoyment and ease in capturing the natural environment.  Landscapes and seascapes are favorite subjects, some for their vivid qualities and others for their calming attributes.

Marian explores realism in still life and portraiture, reflecting the style of the old masters.  With considerable training in the techniques of the old masters, she is so in awe of their paintings and techniques, that she feels compelled to also create art in that style.

Marian is a member of The Federation of Canadian Artists.

Here in her galleries you will find still life, landscapes, cityscapes and human figures in abstract, impressionistic and realism styles.