Marian Gaucher - Fine Art
Interest, Beauty and Emotion in Oil and Pastel

About the Artist

Marian's art has been represented by Agora Gallery, New York City.

ARTisSpectrum Profile:

“Intricately wrought yet happily uninhibited, Marian Gaucher’s artwork offers what she calls “a puzzle for the eyes.” Gaucher is equally influenced by Cubism, Old Master realism, and the complex aesthetic possibilities of geometry. Her pieces reflect a deep understanding of mathematics on top of what are traditionally thought of as the building blocks of art - namely light, line, and color theory.”  (Agora Gallery, NYC)

Canadian artist Marian Gaucher is a master of oils and pastels, creating paintings replete with vivid, rich colors  and filled with elements of interest, beauty, and emotion.  With over fifteen years of studying and creating art, from representational, to impressionism, to abstraction, in various mediums, she applies her learnings, observations and unique style to her works. 

Informed by Cubism, Marian’s abstract paintings feature geometrics, fracturing, unpredictable lines and vibrant colours. The Cubist style greatly appeals to her, as it offers a certain mystery, while revealing the subjects in unexpected ways.

People describe Marian’s abstract paintings as treasures - beautiful, captivating, intricate and unique, evoking emotion and enjoyment. Marian’s greatest hope is that these visual worlds of wonder inspire viewers and invite them to see the world in a whole new way.

Marian was born in Canada and currently lives in Ottawa.  She has exhibited in both Canada and the United States.

Marian is a member of The Federation of Canadian Artists.

Here in her galleries you will find her abstract paintings, defined by geometric, enigmatic forms and enchanting colours, depicting nature, people in action, still life arrangements and interiors and exteriors, in oils and pastels.