Marian Gaucher - Fine Art
Interest, Beauty and Emotion in Oil and Pastel

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I took a cruise through all your galleries as a refresher. there were some works that I don't remember at all and we're just spectacular and once again all the colours and shapes just blow my mind with your creativity. Keep up the excellent work and I'll be back to cruise again in the near future.
Sue de Cruyenaere - 18 Jun 2020
I received a tote bag for Christmas 2019. I love it!!! Your art is inspirational. So many colours in the picture and the design ia perfect. The craftsmanship on the bag is great too. The inside polka dots are almost as pretty as the outside. Can't wait to see what else inspires you. Keep up the GREAT work.
Elizabeth Hess - 5 Jan 2020
I'm totally enthralled by all of your work, and your impressionism is so deep and sensual; it makes me what to dive into the scene! I'll be following your work from now on.
Marla Tolan - 13 Dec 2018
I saw [our mutual instructor] Chris' tote bag. Your work is stunning, wonderful. The vibrancy of the colours is joyous. What incredible talent you have!! Thanks for sharing.
Lisa - 6 Dec 2018
I like your style of cubism and your use of colors.
Louise Coburn - 13 Jun 2018
Beautiful work Marian
Nahid Shukralla - 1 Jun 2018
What a second career you are building....such rewarding feedback. I'm glad your living places include Victoria!
Barbara Preston - 7 Dec 2016
Absolutely beautiful work! love the colors
Vesna Jelkovic - 16 Sep 2016
Marian, what beautiful works of art.
Lynn Daoust - 22 Jul 2016
I own an art gallery in London, Ontario. Would love to show your work sometime in the future. Audrey Cooper ArtWithPanache
Audrey Cooper - 4 Jul 2016
Great work. I love your colours and style. So happy that you have explored this new area to be creative. Look forward to your next ottawa exhibit Bud Craig. March. 2016
Bud craig - 30 Mar 2016
Awesome Marian. I realy love your work. You are very talented. It is a honour to know you.
Claire Watson - 2 Feb 2016
I love you work! you are so talented!
Katia Doumit - 26 Jan 2016
Marion: Just heard about your website from Gail O. Awesome. Super talent. May your days be filled with sunshine and flowers Glen
Glen Simourd - 3 Sep 2015
Sn-a-a-a-zzy and ja-a-a-a-zzy! Always loved your bold, bright colours but now you've add a wonderful dynamic of rhythms that dazzle and delight the eye. Loved "Ballroom"; "Textiles in Chinatown" is pure Gershwin. Does one detect a touch of German Expressionism in current work? Interesting where you are heading.
Gerard Lavelle - 3 Jul 2015
Each one is a treasure, a feast for the eyes, evoking emotion and enjoyment. Incredible!
Carolyn Richardson - 14 May 2015
Very impressive work Marion! Victoria View just radiates peacefulness :)
John Newton - 27 Nov 2014
Love your work. Will contact you soon to purchase one.
Dan Gaucher - 5 Nov 2014
Marian, you are a wonderful artist! I love your work, your different styles and the quality of your work. I echo everything that Kathy Bruneau said in her comment. I'm looking forward to viewing your future art pieces.
Florence Marquis-Kawecki - 27 Oct 2014
Marian, your website is simply great! As for the art work, not sure if I have the words to describe your pieces - combination of colors is brilliant; your attention to details is right on; your subjects are most appealing. All in all, beautiful work! Thanks for sharing. Kathy B
Kathy Bruneau - 8 Oct 2014
Wow your work Is absolutely beautiful . You have come a long way since the Paint for Life fundraiser for Sammy's liver transplant. After spending the first year of his life in Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital ,Sammy is now a healthy16 year old boy,,. Many thanks to all who participated and congratulations to all who developed a passion for art. Every cloud has a silver lining. Mavis McIndoo
Mavis McIndoo - 4 Oct 2014
Marian I really love your work . Your bright Colours are fantastic.
parvin amirazizi - 3 Oct 2014
Hydrostatic laws haven't changed, and cream is still doing its thing. What a pleasure to watch these styles developing.
Bruce Dodd - 1 Oct 2014
Mel - 1 Oct 2014
This is FANTASTIC - I especially love the dancing ones - but what an outstanding work - U r GREAT!
Billy Lowe - 1 Oct 2014
WOW!!! Absolutely fantastic! Congrats on a great web-site.
Stan and Lani - 1 Oct 2014
Excellent work Marian. would like to see it all ere long.
Denis Gagnon - 1 Oct 2014
Way to rock the paint brush Marian - beautiful beautiful works of art!!
Sue de Cruyenaere - 1 Oct 2014
Nice, Marion, but I always knew that.
John Watson - 1 Oct 2014
Love all your work but especially the cubism. You have so much talent. The bright colours are enchanting.
Barbara Ballard - 1 Oct 2014
Janice Tulloch - 1 Oct 2014
Marian you have many great talents and painting is just one of them. Great showcase!
Andrew MacDonald - 1 Oct 2014
We really enjoyed cruising through your website, Marian! There are some pieces that we hadn't seen before. They are lovely. We look forward to checking back again soon.
Fran and Roger Schellenberg - 30 Sep 2014
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