Marian Gaucher - Fine Art
Interest, Beauty and Emotion in Oil and Pastel

Art Cards


Art cards… a unique idea for correspondence, gifts, and miniature art reproductions.  Images of my abstract paintings form a collection of over 20 different art cards.  Choose your favorites or select our assorted set! 

Canadian-made by Artopix these blank cards feature high quality paper, an artwork image on the front and artist information on the reverse.  Most cards are 12.5 X 18 centimetres. Cards featuring narrow paintings are 6 X 18 centimetres. Envelopes are all 12.5 X 18 centimetres.

Various ordering options are available. To select individual cards by artwork title, just visit the galleries link for the titles at

Postcards and bookmarks are also available for a select group of paintings.  Feel free to contact us for additional information.

If you wish to purchase art cards, postcards or bookmarks, contact us at along with your physical address and telephone number.  Let us know your preferred way to pay for the item(s).  We accept e-transfer, money orders, or Pay-pal.  We will send an invoice to you.  Once payment is received, we will ship the item to you.