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Art & Textiles

Another way to view art… textile products featuring my artworks!  




Canadian-made in Montreal by Benetdiction Design and Home, the textile products merge beauty, style and high quality. And, as for all reproductions, accurate and high resolution art scans were prepared by Artopix, Gatineau.


At this time, cushions featuring three different paintings and wine bags featuring six different paintings are the selected products.




Cushions are 45 X 45 centimeters, featuring artwork on the front and black fabric on the back, a zipper and cotton/polyester fabrics with a polyester insert.


Art on Cushions, from left to right in photo…


“Marina Views” - Currently Sold Out

“Avenue Labyrinth”

Cushions are $89.00 plus shipping. 




Wine bags are 30 (height) X  18 (width) X 8 (depth) centimeters, featuring artwork on the front and black fabric on the back and sides, cotton/polyester fabrics, and a fabric separator (for two bottles of wine).


Art on Wine Bags, from left to right in images…


Image 1 (below):

“Avenue Labyrinth” 

"Castles by Nature"  

“Marina Views” 



Image 2 (below):

“The Ballroom”

“Hydrangea Images” 


Wine bags are $25.00 plus shipping.




If you wish to purchase an item(s), contact us at along with your physical address and telephone number.  Let us know your preferred way to pay for the item(s).  We accept e-transfer, money orders, or Pay-pal.  We will send an invoice to you.  Once payment is received, we will ship the item(s) to you.